Montag, 28. Juli 2008

Studie: Nutzungsverhalten Online-Video

Metacafe und Magid Media FuturesTM Practices haben eine Studie veröffentlicht, die das Nutzungsverhalten von Online-Video-Konsumenten untersucht. Erick Hachenburg, CEO von Metacafe kommentiert die Studie wie folgt: “Short-form video is an emerging entertainment genre – distinct from online TV – that consistently proves popular with people of widely varying backgrounds and tastes, as demonstrated yet again by the Magid survey,"

Die wichtigsten Ergebnisse:

• 50% of all respondents watch online video weekly.
• 11% of all respondents watch online video daily.
• 28% of those who watch online videos report watching less TV as a result.
• 19% of those who watch online videos report regularly sharing a link to a video with someone else.
• The top-five most commonly viewed types of online video content, based on respondents reporting that they watch regularly, are:
• Comedy/jokes/bloopers (37%)
• Music videos (36%)
• Videos shot and uploaded by consumers (33%)
• News stories (31%)
• Movie previews (28%)

Weitere Infos unter: Study Reveals Consumer Behavior and Preferences in Online Video

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