Donnerstag, 17. April 2008

Interview mit Vizepräsident von MySpaceTV

Hier Ausschnitt aus einem Interview mit dem Vizepräsidenten von MySpaceTV Jason Kirk:

"...How is your original content initiative going?

Kirk: It’s been very well-received. We’ve been very fortunate to have a lot of great conversations with a lot of Hollywood talent. But we don’t just want the idea that every TV network last year passed on flipping to us. We’re not trying to be development execs as much as lifeguards of the community.

To use Roommates as an example, these guys had done stuff before and we liked what they did so we asked them what you want to do. They wanted to do something fictional like reality but not portrayed either way. The episodes got combined over 12.5 million views, there were another 5.5 million views to the Roommates profile page. The girls actually all had blogs off of their profiles and a million viewers of those blogs. So we were really happy with that, had two sponsors on board [for the second season], one that returned from the first season. It really set the course as Prom Queen did before that and showed there was a market for that.

There’s another one I’m really proud of, Special Delivery, which doesn’t have all the community elements, but it uses the platform. We’ve all seen hidden camera shows but they drag things out. It doesn’t have to be 22 minutes. The videos thus far have averaged approx 500,000 views each. It’s important to know that while we have 73 million uniques on MySpace, they’re not all here for video, and we know that. All of us use the Internet for more than one type of content...."

Das gesamte Interview:
Q&A: MySpaceTV’s Jason Kirk

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